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Lost wax industrie

Metal components can be found in every production company. Especially the industries where the process mostly is automated. Here the demand for metal components is the highest. The small metal components are most of the part made of steel alloys. The combination of little size, high dimensial accuracy and complex shapes makes the proces of making metal components a delicate job.


The lost wax method is a way to make the metal components. It is called the lost wax method, because a great deal of wax is used during the process. Nowadays, the wax is being recycled, but when the recycle techniques were less developed, the wax was being trashed after the process. The process is still called the lost wax process, but now you know there is almost no wax being lost in the process.


The lost wax process can be devided in 4 phases. To bein with, a model is made out of wax. The final form of the components depends on the wax model. Secondly, on the basis of the wax model, a ceramic tree is made. This ceramic tree is baked at high temperatures. Phase three is the casting process itself. The steel alloy you want to use is being melted and poured in the ceramic tree. Before the last phase can take part, the steel alloy needs to cool down. Finally, the components need to be finished. These are the last little things that need to be done before the components can be yield.



Do you want to know more about lost wax investment casting? You can visit the site for everything you need to know about lost wax casting.